Conditions Treated

Endovenous Ablation Therapy and Microphlebectomy

The most popular endovenous treatments for painful varicose (ropy) veins and for venous insufficiency are endovenous vein ablation and microphlebectomy. Ablation treats damaged veins by inserting a fiber into the vein, and treating the vein wall. The vein is sealed shut, and gets absorbed by the body. Blood flow is diverted to the adjacent healthy veins. Microphlebectomy is a minimally invasive operation performed through multiple tiny incisions in order to remove painful varicose veins.

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Sclerotherapy is the most frequent treatment for spider veins and small varicose veins. Dr. Nishanian a Vascular Specialist uses a very fine needle to inject sclerosing solution into the vein, which collapses and is then absorbed by the body. Multiple treatments may be needed for patients who have extensive disease, because sclerotherapy only treats short vein segments.

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Vascular Screening and Prevention

Dr. Nishanian feels that successful management of vascular conditions can often be achieved through early diagnosis and individualized treatment plans. Many conditions can be prevented through simple lifestyle modification which may include losing weight, exercising regularly, avoiding standing for long periods of time and keeping the legs elevated. This is especially true for those with risk factors for developing arterial or venous problems.

 Dr. Nishanian is highly trained and experienced in the diagnosis of all vascular conditions. He will work with you one-on-one to determine the most effective treatment plan to relieve symptoms and reduce the risk of long-term complications.

Dr. Nishanian is the Orange County Vascular Specialist.


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